1. That the Society shall be called THE LLANDYFAELOG & DISTRICT AGRICULTURAL & HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY, and shall be open to all corners.

2. The Society and committee consists of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary.

3. The principal objects of the Society are the advancement of Agricultural & Horticulture for the benefit of the public by holding an annual show.

4. That the Committee be appointed annually. That all the members be subscribers of £7.00.

5. That all subscriptions be paid a fortnight before day of Show and that no subscriber be entitled to exhibit if his subscriptions have not been paid at the time of exhibits.

6. End of financial year—31st December.

7. That no prize be given when the judges consider there shall not be sufficient merit to justify an award.

8. Winners of First Prizes will not be allowed to compete in more than one class, except specials and in the horse section.

9. All exhibits in classes where height is specified, to be measured at 11 a.m. and exhibited in same shoes.

10. Should any dispute arise respecting any premium the Secretary must report such dispute to a Special General Meeting of the Committee whose decision shall be final

11. The Committee is not responsible for any accident.

12. It will not be necessary to show the foal in the Brood Mare Class unless it is exhibitor’s wish, and in the event of the foal not being exhibited satisfactory proof will have to be given that the mare has dropped a live foal or due to foal in the show year.

13. No entries will be accepted unless accompanied by the entry fee(s).

14. Any exhibitor interfering with the Judges or Stewards during the Show will have their prizes forfeited.

15. No one will be allowed in the ring when judging except the Stewards, President and Secretary.

16. Any member being detected in an attempt to impose upon the Society shall forfeit all premiums due to him and be expelled from the Society.

17. No legal proceedings to take place in case of dispute. All matters to be settled by the decisions of the majority of the Committee.

18. Subscribers over £14.00 to be allowed entry fee at half-price in Livestock classes only.

19. Any objections (with a deposit of £10 which will be forfeited if the objections be declared frivolous) must be made in writing to the Secretary at the time of exhibition and will be decided by the Committee.

20. In the event of Perpetual Memorial Cup being won three times by the same exhibitor the Committee do not bind themselves to give a replica.

21. No late exhibitors allowed in the ring if the judge has his/her ring of animals placed.

Each challenge cup to be held by the winner for the current year under the guarantee: –

(i) that it be delivered in good condition to the secretary when requested.

(ii) that in the event of its loss or damage the amount to the value will be made to the society by such winner.

23. The committee will not be held liable to damage or loss of any exhibit.

24. A competitor with an address of entry outside local parishes will be barred from competing in local classes. Local parishes are defined as being Llandyfaelog, St. Ishmaels, St. Mary’s, Llangyndeyrn and Llangunnor.

25. If any sponsor of prize money or presenters of cups wish to present their own prizes, they may do so provided the secretary is informed before the show day.

26. Only the champion of each section is eligible to compete for the overall champion beast in Cattle, Horse and Sheep classes.

27. The Committee reserves the right to bar admission to anyone who does not present a clean vehicle on admission to the show.

28. All competitors are asked to observe biosecurity issues and to bring clean clothes with them to the show. Also to undertake appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of their animals during the period of the show.

This Society is affiliated to the Wales & Border Counties Agricultural & Horse Show Association who will award Championship Cups for the exhibit gaining the highest number of points at affiliated Shows.

Note—All persons found entering the Show Ground except through the gate will at once be given in charge.